Friday, May 10, 2013

An update that has been way overdue!

Oh hey there strangers! I know, I know. It has been almost a month since I have posted anything. Honestly? Things have been pretty busy and I just haven't had anything to say or any good recipes to post. If I had my own hashtag it would be #worstbloggerever. 

So what has been going on with us, I know you are all dying to know. Well...

I took 7 weeks off from running because of a self diagnosis of stress fractures, just call me Dr. Jenni... When I decided to start back I decided I needed some real shoes and not just the cute ones I found at Kohls. And a friend recommended that I go check out this store so I went downtown to a local running store called "Run With It." They watched me walk and measured me and put me in a pair of real shoes. She actually told me the ones I was wearing were not good for running, like at all. So I ended up with these bad boys...

Best shoes ever. I absolutely love them!

I have also become obsessed with Duck Dynasty. Funniest show on the planet. Like seriously it is HILARIOUS and always makes me happy, happy, happy. And I'm hearing that you can get some of Si's tea cups at Bass Pro so I'm thinking I might be making a trip there to get some. Hey Jack!

We picked strawberries in the little town my grandparents live in. The place is called Akers of Strawberries and it is in Baker. It is always so much fun! Plus they have THE BEST strawberry frozen yogurt and strawberry short cake!

I was also busy saying goodbye to my Corolla...

Because, I got a brand new CAMRY!

Top is me at 16 with my new car, bottom was a couple of weeks ago! What a difference 7 years can make!

I still feel like they are going to call any minute and be like "Hey bring us our Camry, you can have your Corolla back!" If you are looking for a new car in the Fort Walton area, I highly recommend Quality Imports! They were awesome! Our salesman listened to everything we wanted/needed and pointed us in the right direction and made things quick and simple! We had intended on just looking but we were able to get an awesome deal that we couldn't pass up! 

Oh, and can we talk about how next Friday Brody is going to be three?! Where the heck have these past three years gone? 

We are super excited to celebrate his birthday next weekend with all of our family!

I am also still working on going through all of my starred posts on Google Reader. Except I'm sort of over it and might give up on that soon.

That is all I have for today y'all. If you want to hear about my decision to formula feed Brody whenever he was born you can head over to Wifessionals to see what I have to say!