Sunday, March 17, 2013

Google, you suck!

So I feel like I am the only one who hasn't posted about this Google drama. Honestly, I thought it was a big joke and I was waiting for them to be like JUST KIDDING, LOL! Reader was the first computer thing I figured out all on my own with out Ben's help. I am really not the best with computers and their happenings, so please don't laugh at me.

Anyway, I first started using it to follow all of my favorite food blogs and as a place to "star" recipes I wanted to try. Needless to say, I have thousands of posts to go through and to get pinned, so that they don't just disappear. Thank you Google! You are now on my crap list!  

So I am off to start that madness... and do laundry.


But, you should head on over and follow A Dash of Sunshine on bloglovin' so you can still keep up with me!

Happy sunday!

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  1. I agree, this whole thing sucks. I have been following you on bloglovin' since yesterday when I - angrily - made the switch over and exported all of the blogs I was following (which was kind of easy). Even though everyone seems to be somewhat happy with Bloglovin' and their support was pretty nice about fixing a problem I had, I find the usage not quite as practical. Feel free to follow me over there =)

    Anja @

  2. Same here, just when I think everything is in place and can start enjoying this blogging malarky, something else crops up and its all change again. I have also made the transition to Bloglovin and actually I feel I've done the right thing as I prefer its layout. Take care. Chel x

  3. I made the switch back in February, best thing I ever did! Already following you via bloglovin! :)

  4. I just signed up with Bloglovin' too