Saturday, December 15, 2012

Just a few thoughts...

I hadn't planned on writing about this topic. I actually don't want this to turn into one of those blogs where people put every single opinion of theirs on every single controversial topic out there, just because they can. I have actually had a post sitting there with "Draft" next to it for months now because I don't want to offend people or spark a debate and make people hate me. 

Anyway, I'm sure you know what has happened in CT by now, unless you are living under some kind of rock. 

As I was going through my newsfeed on Facebook last night I couldn't help but be disgusted. Every other post was something about "well looks like we are going to have a new gun law, better stock up now!" Are you people seriously more worried about gun control right now? 

20 innocent kids were killed. 

Little boys and girls who were probably very much looking forward to getting that new bike or easy bake oven for Christmas. Kids who were probably planning sleepovers with their friends for that very night. 

And you are worried about your gun rights being taken away.

If someone wants to kill someone, with a gun, they will obviously find a way to get it. Stricter laws are not going to fix anything, period. How many people do illegal drugs every day? The laws are not going to fix these kind of problems. 

Another thing, can we please stop exploiting these other kids? Is it necessary to interview 7 year olds who have just gone through the most traumatizing thing a kid could go through? These kids are probably not even old enough to fully understand what has just happened. 

All I ask is that you show some respect for the families who will never get to see the excitement on their child's face Christmas morning, or see them graduate high school, or even get married. And for the other kids who lost their friends and classmates, who now have to worry about their safety every day they go to school. And for all of the parents, I can't even imagine all of the questions that they will have to answer.

That is all for now.


  1. YES. i couldn't believe how quickly an awful tragedy turned into a political debate. i can't even imagine what those families are going through right now and the world is just arguing with each other about making guns illegal. it makes it all so much worse. when tragedy strikes we need to come together and build each other up, not tear each other down in debate.

  2. Looks like someone was paying attention to my half asleep rant last night :P I just think that the people who are using this to push their pro-gun/anti-gun agenda should be ashamed of themselves. Instead, they should be holding their loved ones close and being thankful that they one at least one more day with them.

    1. You mean someone was paying attention to MY half asleep rant? =)

  3. I went on a little rant myslef. Im still in utter shock and keep thinking of all of those innocent families.

  4. Someone wrote on Facebook that doctors kill more people than guns. I almost threw up. Really? How can you compare doctors to guns? And to bring up your point, we should be focused on the children, not all this other garbage!