Thursday, December 20, 2012

Ornament Swap!

A while back I started seeing a bunch of posts from other bloggers for "Ornament Swaps" and I thought "How fun would that be?!" So I decided to sign up!

I was super excited when I found out who my partner was! I was paired with Ashlea from Ashlea With An A, and I'm so glad I was! She is super sweet and I really enjoyed getting to know her! 

Actually, while I was out shopping I saw an ornament that I thought was really cute and had wanted to get for our tree, but shopping with a 2 and a half year old is nearly impossible so I got what I needed and didn't think about anything else. So I was super surprised whenever I got my ornament from Ashlea, because it was VERY similar to the ornament that I had wanted to get!

Thank you again, Ashlea! 


  1. That ornament is awesome! I love it!

  2. So glad you like it! I was so nervous! I seriously need to get my post up! I'm so behind, and just out of it kinda! Lol. Happy holidays to you and your family! I'm so excited we got paired up together!

  3. I missed this one!! It is such a great idea! The ornament you received is stunning!