Monday, December 31, 2012

New Years Resolutions

Every year, around this time, everyone makes these things called "resolutions." I've never really set resolutions because I didn't really think that you should make life changes just because it is a new year. Why wait until January 1st to better your life whenever you could have started yesterday?
But in the spirit of the "New Year" I decided to participate. So here are my resolutions for 2013.

-Continue my running/walking. I've set a goal of 45 miles for the month of January on Runkeeper and I am hoping to surpass that goal. And sign up for my first 5k (my coworkers will be super excited to hear that part)!

-Make pillows and curtains and anything else I can figure out how to make.

-Spend less and save more.

-Eat less macaroni and cheese and more broccoli. But still enjoy a few cookies or a piece of cake every now and then.

-Spend more time on my relationship with Ben. The last "date night" I remember was our anniversary in August... No bueno. Good thing we got like 32 gift cards to Olive Garden for Christmas!

-Work on blogging more and making some new recipes.

-Stay more organized... not waiting 2 weeks to fold the clean laundry and cleaning a little more.

-Sticking to our meal plans and only eat out once a month.

-Take more pictures, not just of Brody but of Ben and I too, and as a family. Sorry Ben, I know how much you LOVE taking pictures!

-Read more.

-Spend more time at the park and the beach.

So this list will probably change as the year goes on. Heck, it might even change a little tomorrow. But for now? I'm off to bring in the New Year with some of the coolest kids I know. I hope everyone stays safe tonight!

Happy New Years!


  1. Love you!! No more OG gift cards for you!!!

  2. making pillows...curtains...right up my alley!! Who do you think makes mine???

    1. We are VERY grateful for the gift cards! We could literally eat there every day for like 2 weeks and it would be paid for! When I get settled back into work I am going to go look for fabric. I saw some pillows with a chevron pattern that I REALLY love and I want to try to remake!

  3. I'm dying laughing because I TOTALLY got, like, 20 Olive Garden gift cards for Christmas, haha. My husband and I were just wondering yesterday what we're going to DO with all these Olive Garden gift cards...and then we went out to dinner, haha. :)

    I've never heard of Runkeeper, but I need it in my life! Thank you!

    1. That's too funny! Runkeeper is an AWESOME app I have been using when I go running/walking. It tracks your distance and time and it even has training activities but I haven't tried any of them yet. You can also go online and compare all of your activities and set goals! I LOVE it!!!

  4. These are great goals to have! And yeah, things might change, but at least it's something to start with. :) Me and Jason are going to try cooking more for each other and eating healthier! We eat out a lot, so this is going to be a huge change for us, but definitely one of the better. Not to mention, hopefully save us a good deal of money! :) And I hope you get some more date nights with the man! You deserve to have that time together!

    1. Oh it will totally save money!!! We used to eat out so much because it was more convenient, but then I started meal planning and cooking at home and it is crazy how much less we spend on food!