Thursday, January 24, 2013

A little late "Wordless Wednesday"

How is it that I always manage to get my days mixed up? Since I missed "Wordless Wednesday" yesterday I will post it today, because I know you guys are all missing a super cute picture! Also, I think this flu mess has finally made its way out. Thank goodness! I highly recommend if you encounter someone with the flu you stay as far away from them as possible and carry a can of Lysol with you just incase. 

I'm VERY glad that I am feeling better so I will be able to get my runs in this weekend and hopefully get caught up in my Google Reader, I'm almost too scared to look at the number of unread items. 


  1. Cute pic!! :) Hopefully the flu is totally gone! I've had a container of Clorox wipes in my office for weeks now, obsessively cleaning almost every day haha. I do NOT want what's been passed around our office!!

  2. Thanks for following me! Sorry about the flu nastiness. But I'm am super jealous of that sweet, sweet hat.

  3. I get my days mixed up constantly, too! Comes with being a mom, I guess, haha.

    Hopefully everyone is on the mend! We just welcomed strep to our house yesterday. SIGH.