Friday, January 18, 2013

An update of sorts

So I mentioned things have been a little crazy this week. Last Sunday Ben started feeling sick so Monday he went to the doctor to find out he had the flu. Yay! 

On Wednesday I was off of work because Ben had an appointment with the surgeon and I needed to go with him because we all know how guys are with important information. That morning before the appointment I started feeling a little crummy but thought it was just the weather. But by that night I was feeling crummier and both Brody and I had low grade fevers. Awesome, right? 

Thursday morning I take Brody to the doctor to find out that he has a really bad ear infection and his doc gave us a prescription for flu meds incase his fever goes up, since he has been exposed to it. About an hour after getting his meds and getting him home I head to my doctor to find out that it's my turn for the flu. Yay, again.

So now I am recovering and watching reruns of Catfish, which by the way that show blows my mind. And I've been eating Saltine crackers because they taste freaking amazing when you are sick. And maybe a couple of red velvet pop tarts, because Kellogg's emailed me telling me they had a new flavor of pop tarts and I just had to get them whenever we were roaming Publix yesterday waiting for Brody's medicine. They are amazing.

So now I am off to continue laying on the couch and doing absolutely nothing.

But because it is Friday, and because this is funny...


  1. I ran across your blog and am so glad I found it. Newest follower from Mrs. Mama

    So sorry about all the sickness. I hope y'all get better quickly.

  2. Oh no! I hope you all feel better. Being sick is no fun :(