Sunday, November 18, 2012

Introducing my main squeeze!

One person I have yet to formally introduce on my blog is the hubs. Who by the way, HATES when I call him the hubs. So I guess as of now I will call him by his real name, Ben.

Oh and he will probably kill me whenever he sees this post, not like for real because that would be crazy but he will probably be like um WHAT THE HECK?! And probably not those exact words...

So who is this crazy bearded man you ask?

Ben and I met at Walmart, had our first date at Waffle House, and got married in the woods next to our tree stand.

JUST KIDDING. Although there is nothing wrong with that... I'm a little southern so I think I am allowed to make those "redneck" jokes like that...

But we did really meet at Walmart. We both worked there and I told a mutual friend that this one guy was decent looking and not to tell him what I had said. Because you know us girls, we do that. Tell someone we think someone is cute and don't tell them just so that they will go tell them and we can find out what they think about us. We are sneaky like that.

Anyway, word got around and one day when he got off work he bought a few things and came through my line (I was a cashier). It was super awkward and he didn't ask for my number or make it seem like he was interested at all. A few days later I was talking to a different mutual friend and he told me that he was just nervous. So I said oh whatever give me his number. Of course I texted him and we ended up hanging out with friends and playing guitar hero a lot. Oh and he bought me the Miley Cyrus CD and took me to see Hannah Montana the Movie! It was serious. 

So long story short, we had Brody then got married.

Note to self and all pregos out there, Mcdonald's every single day while you are pregnant is NOT a good idea.

Yep, if this had been 200 years ago I would have been stoned to death. Or whatever they did to unwed pregnant chicks back then.

Ben takes care of Brody and I, puts our needs before his, and makes sure we are happy and have anything we need. Emphasis on the need, because I have wanted a new coach purse since we started dating and every year he tells me he will get it for me for Christmas... I'm still waiting.

First Christmas. No I was not fat I was pregnant.

I'm not saying he is perfect... He has his flaws, such as leaving his dirty socks at the foot of the bed every single night and snoring uncontrollably loud while he sleeps. But I am not perfect either. And he doesn't criticize me or freak out whenever I do something wrong or whenever the clean laundry sits in baskets for 2 weeks waiting to be folded and put away.


This describes us perfectly.

He takes care of all things electronics of mine. He updates my iPhone and he does all the technical stuff for this blog here you are reading, because I suck at computers. You know those amazing pictures I have of the food I have made? That would be all him. 

He is an artist, computer nerd, and one amazing photographer.

I know this is super cliche but he is my best friend. He has been there since day one, even at times I didn't want him there. He stuck by me and has always been my biggest fan (besides my parents, but that is a given). He tells me the truth when I need to hear it even if I don't want to listen and tells me my butt doesn't look big in pants when clearly it looks like a baby elephant is stuffed in there. 

Our marriage is far from perfect. And some days we have more downs than ups. But I'm so proud to call this man my husband. I love him more than words could ever say and I wouldn't trade our life together for anything or anyone in the world... 

Except maybe Channing Tatum.


  1. Great post! I can tell you guys have a great relationship just from the pictures :)

  2. Aww. I love this post. Your hilarious girl. I believed you at first about the Waffle House and tree house! Ohh the South! That story is not too unfamiliar. Love the baby elephant comment! hahaha.