Saturday, November 10, 2012

Oh Christmas list, Oh Christmas list...

This has been a super productive Saturday... And I haven't even done very much!


Ben and I went through ALL of our clothes, and we have a few garbage bags full for our yard sale! I have a lot of Express jeans that are just too small and they are practically brand new, but for some reason getting back to a size 4 seems impossible, so sadly, it's time for us to break up. 

I also worked on my Christmas list today! Lifetime has Christmas movies on and I'm all ready to put up Christmas lights and stuff so I figured why not finish my list? 

List is in order of importance and, of course, is subject to change! Benjamin Taylor, aka husband, take notes!

Oh and last night I started crocheting a scarf... Why? Because I'm crazy and it sounded like a good idea! Holy cow what was I thinking? I did like 5 row's in 2 hours last night and that is all that I accomplished.

Yeah, how pitiful is that? 

 You can see my broken "enter" key in the picture above. Apparently just because it is broken I can't get a new Macbook, I have to wait for the part to come in to fix it, says the husband. Ghetto.

Also yesterday, I went to Starbucks... first time in a long time because of that one incident. I wanted to get something festive so I decided on the Caramel brulĂ©e frap. Once again I need to stick to what I know... It was alright after I got over the coffee taste that it had. 

At least it was pretty!

That's all I have for today folks, sorry for the lack of recipes lately. I'm trying this new thing where I don't eat dozens of cookies/unhealthy foods every weekend so I can hopefully get rid of a few pounds before I add a whole bunch with all the yummy holiday cooking!


  1. Christmas fever is in the air I have slowly started to make my list as well. I have also put a couple of decorations up. Its never to early :)


  2. so uh.... we have a food processor leftover over from the wedding that we didnt need and didnt have a receipt for that's taking up space in our closet.... i don't want to steal a christmas present idea... but you can have it? ifyawant?
    and i'm crocheting a scarf too!! the first time i've crocheted in 4 years so yours looks WAYYYYY better than mine haha

    1. Bethany you are too sweet! If it is just taking up space and you are sure you don't need it I would love to take it off your hands girlfriend!! Let me know how much!

  3. Hey lady, I've nominated you for the Liebster Award! Go check it out here-

    Happy Wednesday!

  4. Everyone is in the Christmas spirit early this year. I love it. Great Christmas list!

  5. You go girl!!!! On knitting the scarf!! I need to try that drink next time I go to Starbucks!