Thursday, November 8, 2012

Oh Thursday...

Is anyone else super excited that this election stuff is over?

And no, I am not about to tell you my political opinions... There is a time and a place for that stuff and Facebook and social networking is not my outlet for "I think this... I believe that..." 

I'm just glad that I won't be getting any more phone calls from Pennsylvania and D. C. Speaking of that, the first time I got a call on my cell phone I was like "OMG I don't even know anyone in Pennsylvania I wonder who this is!!!" I was super excited...


Anyway, on to more important things. This morning I did the Jillian Michael's Extreme Shed and Shred. 

Shoot me in the face. And let's not even talk about whenever I got done and I switched the TV back to cable, it was "MTV True Life: I have an eating problem" or something and this chick was ordering chicken fingers and french fries and then 2 hours later was like "Mom I feel like I haven't eaten all day can we go to Mcdonalds?!" It was cray cray. 

So, I've started a bucket list for November... 

One item on my list is to make a homemade maxi dress from a Pinterest tutorial I found. I am hoping to accomplish it this weekend so let's all say a prayer that I can do it. 

Also on my list is to try anything seasonal at Starbucks... So everyone tell me your favorite "seasonal" Starbucks drink!

Ready, go!


  1. Hi There! Beautiful Blog! I am a new follower of yours from the GFC blog hop. I will be looking forward to your blog!


  2. i am so excited it is all over!! i won't get calls, i can see normal commercials, and my mail won't be just flyers. hahaha.

    1. I know right! On Monday night whenever we were watching tv there was 4 commercials that were ALL political ads bashing their opponent. So annoying!

  3. SO glad the election is over so our mailbox will stop being stuffed to the max w/ flyers!!

    My fave is the peppermint mocha :) Yum yum!!