Thursday, November 1, 2012

Thoughts and a Halloween Recap!

The other day on my way home from work I had a super random thought. Do you remember that green ketchup that was in stores for a while? First of all, um GROSS, second of all did they discontinue it? I haven't seen it in years.

I'm sure it was just ketchup with food coloring in it, but the thought of eating green ketchup I could never wrap my head around. I mean, who wants green ketchup on their hot dog?

Not me.

Anyway, on to more important things. I requested an absentee ballot this year so that I could actually vote. I have always had to work on voting days and couldn't get in to do it in the past.

 By the way, this is the first time I've ever voted... 

So as I was looking through the ballot they sent me I see that I don't get one of those "I VOTED" stickers... Not cool. What's the point if I can't even get the sticker?!

KIDDING! Sort of.

So yesterday's Halloween festivities almost didn't happen. Captain America wanted NOTHING to do with his costume... He refused to wear it, so he ended up wearing jeans and a Captain America shirt and ran with his shield between every house that we went to. I didn't get any pictures due to it being too dark, sad face.

I did however, get a picture of his meltdown in the car on our way home because I told him he couldn't have candy yet and had to wait until we got home, which was like 2 streets away.

Then after getting home...

He might have had 3 suckers, a Butterfinger, and a few chicken nuggets for dinner last night. 

On a final note, I won the blog of the month giveaway over at Raspberry Beige! Yay!!! So while you head over there to check out my HUGE button under her "Featured Blog of the Month", check out her super cute blog!

I'm off to watch my future 2nd husband Brad Paisley on the CMA's watch the CMA's... And not eat any more of Brody's Halloween candy.

Yes, I am definitely not going to do that...


  1. I was so mad about not getting an "I voted" sticker during the last election, because I did an absentee when I was at college. Grandpa got me a sticker when he went to vote.

    1. Ugh I don't see why they don't just stick one in the envelope with the ballot! I mean this country already has how much debt? Whats another few thousands on stickers for absentee ballots? haha

  2. hahaha oh my goodness! green ketchup! random, but i totally remember that stuff too so gross!

    i love getting the voting sticker! i'd be upset if i didn't get one. :)
    i pretty much forgot to feed my kids dinner on halloween. oops! we at dinner at 7:30 that night.
    new follower from emrwife. :)

    1. I looked for it whenever I went grocery shopping this morning and didn't see it! Hopefully they threw that idea away haha!! My mom told me that I could drop off my ballot at one of the locations and they would give me a sticker but I'm not sure when/if I will have time! Thank so much for following =)