Friday, September 21, 2012

An unusual Friday

Fridays are usually my days to grocery shop, meal plan, run errands, and finally take a shower long enough to shave my legs without having little hands pulling the shower curtain back and letting all the cold air in.

Today, however, I waited 5 hours at a Planet AT&T store for one of the new iPhones. I got to the store at 8:00 in the morning and the manager told me the UPS truck would be there anywhere from 11-2. Shoot me in the face. 

Hubs showed up about 30 minutes later right after a "you're going to be so mad at me..." text. Only because we hadn't planned on him coming.

At least there was some entertainment. Only in good ole' Crestview would there have to be a sobriety check at 10:00 in the morning. I saw this guy pull up to the Subway next door and come half way across the sidewalk which was a little odd so I was like ehh he misjudged the parking spot thingie, I've done it before. Not too long after that 2 cops show up and I was Oh snap! Homeboy is drunk! Sure enough, sobriety test. Fail. Guy gets in the back of the cop car. 
Not the black truck, that would be the hubs, the drunkies truck was on the other side.

So finally around 12:00, after hours of Facebook-ing, Pinterest-ing, and catching up on my Google Reader, UPS shows up. Long story short, I end up giving the phone to hubs because he is an apple fanatic and I could care less if I have the latest and greatest phone. 

Right is my "new to me" iPhone 4S, Left is hubs new iPhone 5. Honestly I wouldn't have liked it anyway, it reminds me of a hotdog.

I'm still waiting for "I have the best wife in the whole wide world" post on facebook... 

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  1. Welcome to the best wife in the world club. Chris got my iPhone5. I get to wait until October 1st.