Sunday, September 23, 2012

So there's this boy...

Let me tell you about this boy... You see, he kinda stole my heart a couple of years ago and I know I will never get it back. 

This is his "Hey baby, how you doin?? Wanna come chill in my Boppy?" face

This kid has been on this earth for 2 years and 4 months and it amazes me how much he already knows. 

He can count to 10, although sometimes he forgets seven.

He can say his ABC's, but sometimes restarts it when he gets to "Now I know my ABC's...D, E, F, G, H..."

He remembers EVERYTHING! Last Christmas while I was baking I dropped the box of corn starch in our pantry room and it made a huge mess. He talked about that mess for months. And still randomly will bring up "Mommy made mess!!" whenever he goes in there.

He has a love for Justin Bieber like a 13 year old girl.

This is his cousin's Justin Bieber doll that he was obsessed with for a month or two. 

And he loves geico's (lizards). Anytime he see's one, "HI GEICO! YOU DOING GEICO?!"

He likes to know where everyone is during the day. On our way to and from school he asks "Where Grandma? Grandma is at home. Where Grandpa? Grandpa is at home. Where Daddy? Daddy is at work, etc..." Sometimes he even goes through the list of his friends at daycare. 

The old ladies in the grocery store love him because he always says HI to everyone walking by. They eat it up and of course jump at the opportunity to tell me about "When my little one was that age ..." 

He LOVES garbage trucks. If I could emphasize the word love anymore, I would. He has 5 toy garbage trucks and if he sees one out while we are shopping, has to have it. Ok maybe sometimes I just buy it for him. He finally got one that came with some garbage cans a couple of months ago and one of the lids wouldn't stay on. So what do I do? to buy new garbage cans. I spent 40$ on play garbage cans, that are smaller than my hand. I wouldn't even spend that much on a for real garbage can that I would use. Brody, you're welcome.

Waste management runs on Saturdays in our neighborhood. What is the highlight of Brody's week? Watching the garbage truck go up and down the street picking up garbage! Of course we have a nice guy that honks and waves and seems to be just as excited to see Brody as Brody is to see him. 

Brody loves watching youtube videos. His favorites? The garbage truck videos. If you ever stumble upon a garbage truck video on youtube and think, "How the heck did this video get over a million views?" My son was 976,800 of them. 

One other thing, he is super protective of his mommy. He doesn't like when Daddy hugs me or puts his arm on the back of my seat in the car. The other day, whenever I picked him up from daycare another little boy started walking towards me and he freaked. "NO MY MOMMY!! NOT YOURS!"

This protective thing I am sort of ok with, until we have another (And no this is not an announcement!! It will be a while!!). Then I think we might have some issues...

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