Monday, February 11, 2013

A little update

I'm so excited that I got to co host the "I love my online friends GFC hop" this week! To all of my new followers...


I'm in the process of visiting all of you guys' blogs! There are quite a few so bear with me folks!

In the mean time... This weekend was like not a weekend I feel like. Those are always the worst weekends, i.e. not enough relaxation time. Although I did have my testing certification for my job, and I passed! Certified ortho assistant, HOLLA!

And can we all make a universal rule that for the whole week of Valentine's Day, any calorie you consume doesn't count? Especially chocolate and candy, those should be negative calories, like celery! Yes?

Also I learned an important lesson this weekend, that I seem to "learn" almost every other week, that maybe one of these days I will catch onto. Going grocery shopping at Walmart on a late Sunday morning is a bad idea. From now on I will go on my days off on Friday early in the morning, all by myself. That way I don't have to carry a 2 1/2 year old around the entire store.

You know what else I have learned? There is, in fact, life outside of Target. I haven't been to the good old Tar-jay since right after Christmas, which is good considering I used to go just about every week. The best way to get rid of a Tar-jay addiction is to just stop going. Cold turkey. It can be done and I promise your bank account will thank you.

Jenni- 1
Target- 0


  1. I completely agree with Walmart. We try to go early in the morning, if we have to on a weekend, otherwise we just go during the week.

    How you are with Target, I am with Walmart. I swear we are there every week & we are always leaving at LEAST $100. It's terrible. One day I sat down & did the math & found that we spent over $350 at Walmart in one month. Now, we only spend about a $100. Cold turkey really is the best way to go.

    And, though I have been eating so well this week, Thursday all bets are off since I hardly ever get to go out to a restaurant & eat. Plus, we are trying a Mexican food place for the first time & I am so excited... it's hard to find good Mexican food in Pennsylvania. lol.

  2. Oh god. I've done the same thing with target, I've stopped going as frequently, and congrats on your test!

  3. came by via the GFC blog hop and now follow on GFC, hope you can check out my one month old blog :) Oh Tar jay how I miss it :( I loved it so much when I lived in Texas, for 10 years, but I moved back home to England and we don't have Target here :(
    Angela x

  4. Congrats on your work certification! That's awesome! New follower from the hop :)

  5. New to the blogging world, and your blog... LOVE IT!!!

    Your newest follower,
    xoxo Mrs. Parrett