Saturday, February 16, 2013


Happy Saturday y'all! 

I hope everyone has eaten their fill of Hershey kisses and Reese's hearts this week! If not, hurry and go get some clearance-d candy, before it is all gone! Or go ahead and get you some chocolate bunnies 'cause we all know those guys are already out on the shelf!

I'm convinced that the candy company's have huge machines that put stuff into the air that make you crave chocolate on Valentine's day, actually, maybe they do it every day? I think maybe I will blame my daily chocolate cravings on those machines. Yeah that sounds good.

Anyway, if you have been around for a while you know how awesome my husband is from his intro post. 

True story.

Let's be honest, I suck with computers and phones. Backing up a computer on a hard drive? Backing up my iPhone and updating it? Yeah not happening. There for a while I couldn't even update my apps on my phone because there wasn't enough room due to the thousands of pictures I had on there. So guess who updated everything and helped me make room on my phone? Mr., that's who!

Thank you to my wonderful husband for always taking care of my technology issues.

It is actually kind of entertaining whenever I have a technical issue and I try to ask questions about it. He explains it in his terms then I have the whole deer in headlights look and he has to re-explain everything he just said in words that I can understand. 

Gigabytes? Hard drive? USB cables and ports? 


  1.'re just like me...I always get that deer in the headlights look too...SO thankful for a man who understands it and fixes all my tech issues!1 :)

  2. OMG i am the EXACT same way!!! LoL

    Stumbled onto your blog via the blog hop!
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  3. I love your quote about slumber parties with your best friend. True. Story.

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    1. Aw thank you so much Emily!! You are too sweet =)

  4. I thought I was the only deer in the headlights when I was reading some of these posts on how to upgrade your blogs and integrate things into your posts... I'm still lost... I just write! I feel like I have met a kindred spirit :) Check me out when you have a spare moment LOL!

  5. That chocolate craving thing they put in the air for v day? I think it is there every day ;-) Love the quote, too!

    Following you from the blog hop and am looking forward to getting to know you!

    Anja @