Sunday, February 24, 2013

Two truths and a lie--the answer!

Ok, first of all my husband got the lie wrong from yesterday. He actually was at work whenever I posted it and I got a text saying "Your lie is obvious..." When he got home I asked how it was obvious and he said "You haven't played in Carnegie Hall!" Let's just say he's lucky that he surprised me with an appointment for a massage yesterday!

#1 I have played in Carnegie Hall. TRUE! I was in band from 6-12th grade and my freshman year of high school the band went to NYC and we played in Carnegie! 

#2 I upgraded my phone to a Blackberry, and went back to the store to exchange it for an iPhone not even 12 hours later. TRUE! I was due for an upgrade and needed a new phone so after spending an hour at the AT&T store debating between the iPhone and Blackberry I went with the Blackberry. The associate that was helping me gave me his business card incase I had a problem. I got the phone home and Ben set it all up for me and I decided I hated it. I texted the AT&T guy and said "Hey this is the iPhone/Blackberry girl, I will def be seeing you tomorrow morning to exchange it for the iPhone."

#3 I was sick every single day of my first trimester with Brody. FALSE. I only got sick once while I was prego, in my third trimester, and that was from a stomach bug that Ben brought home. I was extremely lucky that I didn't have to deal with morning sickness and will be knocking on wood that I don't have it for the next one! 


  1. i use to be in band too ;) haha what instrument did you play? i played a trumpet.. yes a girl like me.. with a trumpet.. lols it was fun while it lasted ;D

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