Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Strep throat strikes once again!

So I officially suck at this blogging during the week thing. By the time we get home from work, eat dinner, get lunches and everything ready for the next day, bath, and watch veggie tales 14 times I can't keep my eyes open. Plus Brody is pretty much always on my computer every night watching youtube videos and he doesn't share very well.

Anyway, yesterday we had another one of those awesome "firsts" except this one wasn't so awesome. I was working and all the sudden "Jenni your daycare is on line 2..." Crap, first "your kid is sick come get him" call from his new daycare. So off I went to pick up Brody who had a fever and was just laying around. I called his doctor on my way home to see if he could get in sometime today for an appointment. They called back 20 minutes later and said "If you can be here in 15 minutes the doctor will see him." Awesome, especially considering we live on the other side of town and it literally takes 15 minutes to get there, probably longer because it was 5:15 and traffic is always worse at that time due to everyone getting off of work. So I turbo-ed to the other side of town to find out that he has strep. Again. Yay (said in the most extreme sarcastic voice). By the way, he officially hates the lab guy that does the strep test. As soon as he saw him he started saying "No!! No!!" Oh and he spanked some old man while we were waiting for his medicine at Publix. The old man's response "Hey at least he's not one of those introverts!" Oh geeze.

So today we are playing with garbage trucks and air planes and watching youtube videos. And I am trying to get in some study time since I have to take a midterm in 2 days. Yay, again.

So far we have watched a red jet ski video 7 times, spiderman 5 times, garbage trucks 4 times, and some boat crash video 2 times. 

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Oh no!! I hope he's feeling better now and your midterms went well! Enjoy the rest of your weekend. :)

    1. Thanks Abbey! He is feeling much better and my tests went extremely well!! =)